Black Dragon Taekwondo & Fitness

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27 Alfred Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

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At our Club we teach more than just Taekwondo and self-defense, we reinforce the values that you as parents are teaching - such as courtesy & respect for all people; Integrity for ones self; Perseverance in order to reach ones goals personally and academically; and Self-Control, which stresses the value of learning to think before one reacts. Along with these values, we reinforce personal goal setting.

This not only helps the student to excel in Taekwondo & Fitness, but this skill carries over into school and family life as well. Our Club is set in a strong family foundation. We have seen that families that work and study together become much stronger and happier. However, for the single person, we provide a great team atmosphere and an opportunity to meet new people while building self-confidence and self esteem. We believe that everyone should be able to train in Taekwondo & Fitness. Therefore, we at Black Dragon Taekwondo work with people individually and will do what we can to meet their needs.



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